Call Center Services

Outbound Services

Disaster Recovery Services

Outsource solutions's call centers are fully equipped to offer disaster recovery services (DRS) of a high order, based on geography or operations.

Appointment Setting Services

We can make certain that the appointments we set are completely qualified opportunities, before reserving your valuable time from your busy schedules.

Database Selling Services

Database selling is a form of direct marketing that uses already generated customer databases, and is aimed at generating targeted communications for facilitating promotion of a product or service

Direct Mail Follow-Up Services

Outsource Solutions is one of the world's leading providers of email management services. Several global customers have availed of our client follow-up services and increased their sales.

Lead Generation Services

If sales lead generation services are not a part of your core business, consider outsourcing offshore business lead generation services to an expert.

Market Intelligence Services

Market intelligence deals with the process of providing a particular company with a strategic view of the market with the help of primary and secondary sources of information.

Toll Free Customer Support

At Outsource Solutions, we serve our customers with highly proficient toll free telephone services.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys continue to be a potent tool in how businesses grow and manage customer relationships in spite of technological advances in other areas of a business.

Customer Acquisition Services

outsource Solutions telesales and customer acquisition executives have the expertise to plan, build, and run customer acquisition and integrated sales solutions for you.

Other Services

Order fulfillment

Disaster Recovery Support at the State Level - Additional reserved seats in the same city or state.

Data collection and cleansing

outsource Solutions knowledgeable online appointment scheduling team analyzes trends, offers feedback and monitors the program results

Database Selling Services

This set of services is targeted towards businesses who have a large amount of prospect marketing list data and need expert help with managing the same.

Client follow-up Services

Outsource solutions's direct mail follow-up services, direct mail marketing services and email follow-up management services can result in immediate sales

Healthcare leads

Our experienced lead generation executives will first understand the business objectives of your organization

Conference registration programs

The entire gamut of market intelligence services include lead generation via customer awareness, managing customer accounts and outbound customer services along with survey programs.

Customer satisfaction surveys

At Outsource Solutions, we serve our customers with highly proficient toll free telephone services.

  1. Indian call centers provide different levels of site protection against site failure to suit specific business continuity requirements, through Cold, Warm and Hot recovery procedures.
  2. Outsource Solutions combines experienced appointment setters with up-to-date, advanced technology and a foolproof quality control program, providing the best possible opportunities for your sales team
  3. We have a team of experienced data miners who take care of gathering up-to-date data, validating the data, and putting them together to be presented in the required format, as per your unique requirements.
  4. We target specific and precise prospective customers to ensure optimal sales Mailing followed by a personal call enhances the impression of the products/services offered by your organization
  5. Direct marketing e-mails are a cost-effective way to reach out to your customers. The course of direct marketing includes efficient audience identification, competent list selection, attractive offers and a simple lead-to-sale-action
  6. Outsource Solutions has an impressive pool of qualified and experienced market intelligence executives. Our skilled team can provide your organization with best-of-breed real time market intelligence services
  7. Get a FREE Quote on our toll free customer services and make your choice for an efficient, productive and quality toll free customer services with Outsource Solutions. Being a trusted outsourcing hub with a proven track record for over 18 years, Outsource Solutions has served over 9000 customers globally.
  8. The flexibility with online customer satisfaction surveys is that they can be used to collect feedback on any aspect of your business. Typically customer surveys can be conducted to gather these data from customers
  9. We also cover payment processing, application processing, scheduling appointments, maintaining call logs and database updating. On request we can undertake your advertising needs as well.
  10. Outsourcing is an obvious choice for the modern business looking to cut costs and maintain quality operations. Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is the perfect fusion of technology and quality, with the bottom line being that you get the desired data without any headache of planning and managing it yourself.


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