Infrastructure at e-How India

e-how India has an avant-garde infrastructure that provides employees with creative work environment, required to accomplish multiple outsourcing tasks for different industries. State-of-the-art infrastructure at e-How India is supported by cutting edge technology, and helps us fulfill our commitments on time, and keep clients happy.

For us at e-How India, infrastructure should not merely support business operations and keep employees and clients content; but also take care of optimum confidentiality and security measures. Therefore, we have stringent security measures in place, to ensure total network infrastructure security. This is one of the main reasons why our clients outsource confidential and business critical services to e-How India.

Delivery Centers

e-How India is popular among the clients for providing high-quality outsourcing services in quick turnaround time. We have succeeded in making this feat possible with advanced infrastructure and use of high-end technology at all our delivery centers.

e-How India has global delivery centers located in different parts of the world. One of our primary delivery centers is located in the Indian Silicon Valley, Bangalore, which has become the "World's Outsourcing Hub". All our Delivery Centers are located at strategic locations and are easily accessible from airports and railway stations.

State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

Our delivery centers have both operational and recreational space. We employ the best of technology and specialized software for our employees to assist them with day-to-day activities. At e-How India, we understand that different departments have unique infrastructural needs; therefore, we take care to fulfill our employees' needs at the earliest. For example, at e-How India finance and accounting service department, all employees work with dual monitors in order to minimize errors.

The delivery centers have advanced conference rooms and training halls where employees discuss new ideas, brainstorm, and formulate new strategies. The training halls are well-equipped for inductions and on-going team trainings. We have a dedicated team of System Administrators to provide 24/7 support.

Additionally, we have fun-zones at our premises where employees interact with each other, let their hair down and have a gala time. These zones are meant for recreational purposes, and allow employees have their "only me" time, play games, watch a movie, listen to music, or just relax.

High-End Technology and Internet Connectivity

We are proud to say that at e-How India, we have said No to paper, are have limited the usage of paper to the minimum. All delivery centers are connected by fast Internet connectivity and all work is accomplished using high-end technology.

Primary Internet Connectivity from the US to India

  •   Marine Fiber Optic Cable - Trans-Pacific

  •   Marine Fiber Optic Cable - Trans-Atlantic

Secondary Internet Connectivity

      Server routed to a failover satellite link

Advanced VPN Technology

  •   Secured, robust, encrypted data transfer between the client and our center

  •   Firewall and intrusion detection technology

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e-How India is one of the most trusted outsourcing companies in the cherished outsourcing destination, i.e. India. Our company is the hub of activity, when it comes to outsourcing. We have the experience, expertise, workforce and infrastructure to successfully meet all your outsourcing services requirements in minimum time and affordable rates.

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We provides basic serevices like website,software and mobile app development digital marketing.
It include all important mails like official mails,mails for marketing,mails for jobs and so on.
We provides data entry,call center,data analysis services which helps you to expand your business.
It includes video editing,photoshop,logo designing and other artistic work.
We provide skill development for small and large scale business,IT,BPO,call centre,web and so on.
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