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e-Learning Solutions

Outsource Solution's e-Learning team provides an array of services that include the design and development of effective e-Learning services and also hosting and managing these e-Learning solutions for the customer.

Mobile Application Development

Portability,Ease-Of-Use,Technological Growth are the few reasons why we recommend in creating e-Learning apps for mobile applications.

Custom Application Development

e-Learning encompasses diverse training models like computer based training, web based training, simulations, audio video sessions, self-paced programs, and so on.

Solution Implementation

After the requirement analysis for creating e-Learning solutions implementation modules, we move on to a rigorous design process, to build successful e-Learning solutions.

Corporate Training Solutions

At Outsource2india, we offer custom made corporate training solutions that bridge performance gaps within your organization.

Performance Gap Solutions

e-Learning solutions will ease the process of identifying the opportunities, the skill gaps and the areas of improvement, eventually bridging performance gaps.

Other Services

Training Product Development Services

You maybe an entrepreneur and you want to sell training so that people can learn accounting, PowerPoint, leadership, factory safety, company policies, writing, golf or almost anything.

Moodle Development Services

We keep it simple, smart and effective with optimum focus on achieving set e-Learning goals and standards. This includes basic installation, installing plug-ins, installing additional software and minor customizations.

Product Demos

Product demonstrations allow presentation of ideas, concepts and products in the form of audiovisuals, animations & interactive multimedia simulations. Demos create a 'touch and feel' experience, giving the customrs a taste of the 'real thing', making them relate better with the product.

Instructional Design

In present day technology, we can direct inanimate things like drug capsules to reach where they are meant to go and have the impact that they were designed for.

  1. Some companies are in the business of teaching and training. These companies need curricula developed to expand their offerings.
  2. e-Learning is fast evolving as a de facto training standard, but what really drives it towards success is strong, convincing, and engaging content.
  3. e-Learning programs are more successful when they are interactive, engaging, and attractively designed.All these facets merge into a perfect synchrony at Outsource Solution's workbenches to give you the finest e-Learning content that works.
  4. Outsource Solution has a team of expert programmers who have on-hand experience in various open source technologies.
  5. These kinds of games fail to induce necessary learning and in the process fall short to meet the actual objectives. Outsource Solution's experts ensure that the learning objectives are always met by creating appropriate balance between learning and fun.
  6. Outsource Solution offers end-to-end e-Learning content and application porting services to help you manage this transition with ease, without any loss of critical information and existing features.
  7. Moodle is a leading open source LMS. Our wide range of Moodle e-Learning services could just be the right option for you to create that complete learning management system. Learn more about our Moodle development services.


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