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API Development

Application Programming Interface is indispensable to any web solution,software module, plug-in,web application,or web design.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning is business process management tool that enables organizations to automate and integrate all office functions related to services, manufacturing, finance.

Project Portfolio Management

Outsource Solution’s we have handle both large scale and short scale project with efficiently using PPM . As s result of Project Portfolio Management is highly versatile and scalable.

LAMP Development Services

Lamp is also known as Linux, Apache , MYSQL, and PHP . This programming requires high levels of precision, which can be offered by the dedicated LAMP developers here at Outsource Solutions. Lamp developers are very proficient.

DotNetNuke Development

Building DotNetNuke based applications require expertise in ASP.NET, VB.NET, Visual Web Developer (VWD), SQL Server, and Visual Studio.

Web Application Development

At Outsource Solutions, we are at the front of web application development suited to your business requirements.

Other Services

Custom Software Development

At outsource solutions have a team of professional customer software development and create software applications. that not only meet client requirement but also global standard software engineering .

WordPress Development

At Outsource Solutions believe that a website is a powerful marketing and sales tool which can not only help you in establishing your brand, but drive traffic and produce a tangible ROI.

Business Application Development

As a renowned business app development services provider, we have been developing small to complex business applications for global companies spanning different industries. We have over a decade of experience in software application development

Agile Development Services

Our Agile Software Development comprises a collection of software development methods that co-ordinates requirements with solutions amongst self-organizing and cross-functional teams.

  1. Think success on the web, think loads of content. Think loads of content; you just cannot do without a super smart content management system.
  2. Implementing an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution in your organization can boost productivity of your sales team and customer.
  3. As the world moves towards a more collaborative form of software development, many independent software vendors are leveraging the power of open source software to build new software products at a low cost.
  4. Node.JS is an extremely popular open source (server-side) platform that is growing in popularity, and is currently being employed by a number of leading brands such as LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, and eBay to power their data intensive and real-time network applications.
  5. As marketers look for various ways to increase ROI, achieve better customer retention and acquisition numbers, e-Commerce websites have time and again proven to be the best way forward.Outsource Solutions has been providing open source e-Commerce website development services to clients around the world.
  6. As the world moves towards a more collaborative form of content generation, and as your website grows, you need to minimize your dependency on the web developer to upload, edit or delete content.
  7. Drupal is a PHP/MySQL based open source content management system (CMS) widely used for its modular features that are helpful in uploading customized content on dynamic websites with minimum efforts.Joomla is among the most widely used open source, PHP/MySQL based content management systems (CMS).


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