Infrastructure Management

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Infrastructure Management

Outsource Solutions has been providing global infrastructure management services and helped several clients to take the next step.

IT Risk & Security Management

In today's business world, there is a constant need for robust security solutions to counter against existing and possible cyber terrorism that attacks IT infrastructure.

XP Migration Services

At Outsource Solutions services, we believe that efficient deployment of hardware,application and software development is the key to Windows migration.

Remote Monitoring Services

We offer remote application monitoring services for Windows,UNIX,and Linux.We also conduct thorough event log monitoring as well as remote desktop monitoring to immediately detect errors.

Digital Forensics Services

Outsource Solutions is provider of software services is a one-stop product house and servicing lab for digital forensics and criminal investigations.

Data Center Services

global companies are increasingly looking at outsourcing data centers as a way to manage their IT infrastructures, without compromising on its flexibility, reliability and security.

Other Services

Enterprise Security Solutions

Outsource Solutions is a leading provider of advanced enterprise security management solutions, designed to offer companies with effective next generation threat protection.

IT Helpdesk Services

At Outsource Solutions, we provide IT support services that help improve end-user experience while ensuring all software and hardware are constantly monitored for changes and errors, according to client requirements.

Outsource Solutions for IT Helpdesk Services

We provide you with expert infrastructure management services and technologically advanced tools to keep your employees productive while we take care of the backend IT requirements.

Outsource Enterprise Security Services

At Outsource Solutions, our aim is to deliver proactive services that will help you mitigate risks rather than fire-fighting for security every day.

  1. Our top-notch digital risk management services can help you safeguard all your sensitive files and documents with easy storage and accessible links from your end.
  2. Our services enable a holistic approach to deploying and streamlining your data center infrastructure management operations.Contact us now and find out how we can enrich your business proposition by leveraging our experience in data center managed services, and data center virtualization technologies.
  3. Our customers swear by our internal and external investigations which have helped in leading them to the exact corporate identity engaged in property thefts, data misappropriations, illegal data transfers and intellectual property infringements.
  4. we can help you in extracting data from obsolete, as well as, unattended gadgets that have been rejected owing to unsupported technology With the use of the latest range of commercial forensic tools.
  5. We offer remote application monitoring services for Windows, MAC, UNIX, and Linux. We also conduct thorough event log monitoring as well as remote desktop monitoring to immediately detect errors and minimize downtime.
  6. Our experts have formalized a step-by-step process to identify each and every road-block during the migration process, and devised a quick remedial solution to overcome those challenges.
  7. Maximize your security structure effectiveness with enterprise risk management Outsource Solutions offers IT risk and security management solutions that are flexible, economical, and practical to meet the needs of your customers.


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