IT Staffing Services

IT Staffing solutions

IT Staffing Services

There is always a debate on whether to employ staff in-house or outsource staffing solutions to a reliable vendor.

LAMP professional

We provide staffing solutions for LAMP professionals who are qualified and have extensive knowledge in the domains that constitute LAMP.

Java Developers

If you are looking for full-time programmers, or Full Time Equivalents/FTEs, who can code almost anything in Java, you have reached the right platform.

ASP.NET / MS SQL Developers

We provide IT staffing services on a full-time (FTE) and part-time basis for a wide range of Microsoft platforms including ASP.Net, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Dynamics.

SEO / SEM / SMO Developers

At Outsource2india, we offer custom made corporate training solutions that bridge performance gaps within your organization.

Graphics Designer

e-Learning solutions will ease the process of identifying the opportunities, the skill gaps and the areas of improvement, eventually bridging performance gaps.

More Services

Mobile App Developers

According to the latest market reports, the net worth of mobile applications developed and deployed globally will be worth more than $25 billion by the end of 2015. The advancements being made in network technologies, lower data usage costs.

Oracle Application Developers

If your company deals with Oracle and its products, or you wishes to augment your current team of Oracle application developers, then we can offer staff augmentation services for Oracle application development that you are looking for.

Dedicated Oracle DBAs

Today's leading provider of databases and database technology is Oracle. Its overall reliability, clustering technology, versatile platform and grid architecture have made several organizations choose Oracle.

WordPress Developers

Of all the content management systems (CMSs) being used today, WordPress undoubtedly is the most popular solution.

  1. Drupal is as one of the leading Content Management Systems (CMS). Running on PHP, it has been helping several end-users manage their websites easily, while also powering several sophisticated and robust social media platforms.
  2. A website also adds to a businesses’ credibility and showcases the personality of the brand.Web developers use a variety of tools to integrate functionality and experience into your website design, while keeping it in line with the personality of your brand.
  3. PHP has become the first choice for both web developers and businesses looking to maintain a website alike. Known for its scalability, simplicity and high flexibility, PHP is being effectively used by popular websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Flickr, etc.
  4. We help our clients' websites stand out by delivering unique web interfaces and applications that are intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use.
  5. A distinct web design from most of your competitors who might be using the same themes web wrappers to present their website
  6. Our Drupal developers can come up with creative solutions for any industry niche and brand and offer a customized solution based on your requirements.
  7. We believe that every business has its own unique personality. Consequently, our Drupal developers come up with solutions that don't just fit your business requirement but also helps you create a highly targeted platform to reach your designated audience.


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