Prepress Services

Prepress Services

Pre-media Capabilities

Outsource Solution's professionals are adept at managing the entire content publishing lifecycle, including graphic design, pagination, foolproof editing, proofing, and keyboarding.

.Graphic Design Services

Our teams of skilled graphic designers produce stylish and efficient graphics for a variety of print requirements.

Typesetting Services

Our skilled typesetters are experienced in all forms of conventional typesetting, ensuring a wide range of typesetting options.

Our Values

Typesetting Services

We understand how important it is to compose crisp and clean layouts to deliver the intended message clearly to the reader. Our skilled typesetters are experienced in all forms of conventional typesetting, ensuring a wide range of typesetting options to choose from - be it less complex pagination levels or complex design projects. We offer typesetting services in multiple languages for both print and digital media

Proofing Services

Proofing plays a very important role and once approved, the proof serves as a binding contract between them and the printing company. Our trained experts check proofs for complete correctness, including checking and verifying digits and details such as URL's, color accuracy, bleed and trim marks, image positioning, etc.

Content Digitization Services

Our content digitization services are perfect for clients who have large volumes of documents that needs to electronically converted which requires manpower to accurately and efficiently enter data manually. Our service is cost-effective and tailored to meet various publishing styles and requirements, while keeping in mind urgent deadlines.

Pre-Press Services Process Flow

Our streamlined process workflow ensures prepress services are executed with perfection. We have dedicated project supervisors who organize and take ownership of the production workflow and generate daily reports for client perusal. Our prepress workflow includes the following steps

  1. Ability to Hire Skilled Resources with a vast experience in the prepress industry based upon client requirements.
  2. Unmatched Accuracy and Quality for all publishing requirements, with the use of high-end software
  3. Robust Redundancy Model with multiple office locations around the world to ensure all work projects.
  4. we guarantee our Prepress Services will help take care of every client needs.
  5. Graphics to typesetting, proofing and scanning receive identical care and attention.
  6. Outsource Solution is one of the foremost prepress and pre-media service providers worldwide.
  7. Prepress is Today, one of the ideal choices for publishers across the world is to outsource prepress services and rid themselves of a huge burden of budgets and time.


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