Animation Services

Animation Services

2D Animation service

Marketing Entertainment Publishing Academics.

3D Animation Service

3D Logo Design 3D Graphics 3D Modeling.

Flash Animation Service

.Flash animation is probably one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of your online visitors. With increased competition in the digital world,

Other Service

Flash Animation

Along with 2D and 3D animation, our team is also adept at creating attractive flash animations, using Adobe Flash, Swish, etc. .

Animated Videos

Animated videos are especially useful for business presentations where the motive is to capture, enthrall, and explain the subject to the audience. At Outsource2india, we have created animated videos for marketing professionals, educators, large multinational business, and startups, etc

Animated Storyboards

Almost similar to Animatics, our Storyboards can help you save thousands of dollars in production costs by helping you figure out the exact sequence for the film that needs to be shot. These storyboards are especially helpful for your cinematographers since they can visualize how you want the project to be shot. Be it photorealistic or loose-lined, we offer both black and white as well as varying color styles to illustrate scene-by-scene storyboards.

Scribe Animations

Popularly known as whiteboard animations, scribe animations are ideal for training and development courses, online video marketing, and creating explainer videos. Generally captured and recorded by an illustrator while in the process of making his artwork, not only are scribe animations highly versatile and effective, but also cost-effective and have a shortened development time.

  1. Highly-efficient process that ensures everything from staging, voiceover sync, blocking, timing and the overall flow is completed in the first pass allowing time to make necessary modifications.,
  2. Our professional illustrators team up with seasoned editors, producers, animators, and sound engineers to bring forth 2D animatics tailored to meet your requirements, budget, and schedule..
  3. Outsource Solution has a clear edge in the 3D animation market as an outsourcing partner. With a sound workflow and process in place, we can deliver end-to-end solutions starting from ideation and conceptualization to delivering the final product..
  4. Long texts and conversations can make any presentation seem a little passive. Spice-up your presentations with our professional Flash animation services that will help you engross your customers better..
  5. Our 3D animatics services are ideal if you require a quick turnaround and need to revise characters, wardrobe, props, and camera angles, amongst others
  6. We can also superimpose flash-drawn or illustrated characters onto 3D backgrounds for a more comprehensive 2D animatic if required.
  7. Character Designing - Outsource Solution takes care of all the pre-production tasks such as designing, conceptualizing, editing.


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