BPO Services

Online Catalog Services

Catalog Building and Indexing

Take advantage of the selling power of the internet with online catalogs. We can help you get started by creating online catalogs or converting paper catalogs of your products into online catalogs.

Catalog Processing Services

If you're considering an online store for your business, you need Outsource Solutions's's Catalog Processing services.

Catalog Updation Services

If your business has an online store with products that need to be updated frequently, Outsource Solutions's's (O2I) Product Catalog Maintenance Services can help.

Other Services

eCommerce Data Entry Services

Online shopping through eCommerce websites is no more a niche market. In 2016, total retail sales across the globe reached $22.049 trillion, up by 6.0% from the previous year.

Content Management Systems

Shopping is a visual experience, the better images you put up the better sales you would have. High quality photos with detailed descriptions about each of your products will help your customers trust you and improve your relations.

Custom Designed Websites

Catalog content management services from Outsource2india can help you provide marketing information to different customers, channel partners, customer service reps, prospects, sales people, etc. in the format they require.

  1. Formatting and several other data characteristics are often lost in conversion and the task of re-doing and rechecking everything from scratch would fall on you.
  2. At Outsource Solutions's, we use the best in catalog building and catalog indexing software and technology.
  3. product descriptions and images, and revise your product pricing whenever necessary, assuring that your customers are always seeing your latest offers.
  4. O2I's Product Catalog Maintenance professionals are highly trained in customized product catalog applications and software made to produce the best results.
  5. Along with our catalog processing services, we also provide high-quality image clipping services including Image tagging, resizing, cropping, creating thumbnails and zoom views, etc.


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