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Kindle Conversion Services

Outsource Solutions provides expert Kindle conversion services from any format (hard copy, PDF, Word, InDesign Quark etc.) to Kindle and Mobipocket formats (.prc and .mobi).

iPad and iPhone e-book Conversions

Increasing use of Mobile devices and use of tablet computers has made access to e-books much easier. Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are all very popular devices that are being used to read books, magazines and journals on the go

Comprehensive Digital Services

Outsource Solutions has over a decade of experience providing tailor-made solutions for a variety of outsourcing requirements. Our breadth of expertise makes your one-stop partner for all your publishing outsourcing needs.

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e-Book Conversion Services

The latest e-book readers have vivid, almost paper-like screens for easy readability, and ever-increasing amounts of onboard memory to store more reading material.

ePUB Conversion Services

The team of coders at Outsource Solutions does a significant amount of manual intervention to correct the formatting errors and provide the best reading experience.

Publishers Digital Services

Outsource Solutions offers expert conversion services from all input formats to the formats that you want. Outsource e-book conversions to Outsource Solutions and make your books and magazines available in multiple versions and reach customers from many points of sale.

  1. Publishers can reduce the cost of conversion by only creating ePUB files for multiple distribution channels.
  2. Kindle from Amazon is a very popular e-reader device which has a fast-growing user base. Good reading experience, an easy retail experience and ease and affordability all add to the reasons for many book lovers using the Kindle reader.
  3. Outsource Solutions provides expert e-book conversion services from any format (hard copy, PDF, Word, InDesign Quark etc.) to ePUB format compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  4. Our team of editors will help you make your book error free. They have expertise in the most popular editing standards including AP Style Books and Chicago Manual of Style and have a keen eye for detail.


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